You cannot — We repeat!, cannot!!! — be a champion athlete with a poor diet. Champions aren’t concerned with how they look. And while certain sports do split athletes into weight classes (like Olympic weightlifting), overwhelmingly, athletes just  eat whatever is going to give them the fuel they need to do their sport.

One of our Olympic swimmer clients shared what he typically eats for breakfast with  and it’s no joke. “I shred a plain wheat biscuit, dump some Grape-Nuts on it, and add some kind of vanilla almond nut cluster. Then I put in a handful of raisins, a big spoonful of ground flaxmeal, a handful of walnuts, raspberries and cut-up kiwi with the skin on. I put a splash of almond milk on there, then put some type of organic yogurt on top. It’s a pretty heavy bowl.” Uh… you think? (Although it also sounds delicious, so there’s that, too.)

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