SLEEP Fellow Future Olympic Champions


I think many of us underestimate how insanely important it is to stop the working out for a brief period of time. To be honest, rest and recovery are just as important as training itself! When you work out, tiny tears form in your muscles. This tissue heals, repairs, and grows when you rest. The world’s top athletes don’t consider massage, stretching, adequate sleep … ‘optional.’ Such activities are part of the fabric of their days and how they approach performance.”

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Past Champions who have worked with us know how crucial sleep is. Sleep is huge in any sport. Recovery is the limiting factor, not the ability to run hard. Olympic marathoner’s typically sleep about eight to nine hours a night, but then make sure to schedule 90 minute ‘business meetings’ — aka naps — into their days for an afternoon rest.” Would you look at that. An Olympian who naps! In fact, he attributes the rough year he had as a freshman in college to inadequate rest.

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Finding the perfect sprinting routine is definitely all Trial And Error.

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